Does Your Name Predict Your Occupation?

Analysis of public records reveals that there's a correlation between first names and professions.

Data source: Baby Name Genius (for iOS and Android), which derives its metrics from 1979-2023 FEC donor records.

Design and engineering by Verdant Labs.

Relatively Rare/Common Names per Occupation

‣ 0.02% of people named Nicki are lawyers.

‣ An Alexandra is more than 5 times as likely (0.11%) as a Nicki to be a lawyer.

‣ A Doyle is more than 10 times as likely as an Ian to be a farmer.

Below: Some of the least (left) and most common (right) names in a profession relative to those names' overall frequencies.

Top Names per Occupation

‣ A higher percentage of people named Zack vs. any other name are musicians.

‣ Meagans are disproportionately common among lawyers.

‣ Grahams and Daphnes have a stronger tendency than people with other names to be writers.

Below: The most common names in each profession relative to those names' overall frequencies.